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Mahmoud Darwish Foundation


The Mahmoud Darwish Foundation was established upon a Presidential decree issued in Ramallah on October 4, 2008. It is a Palestinian non-profit foundation established in recognition of Darwish's esteemed status within the Palestinian national movement as well as his inspirational influence on the Palestinian, regional and international literary scenes.

The foundation seeks to safeguard Mahmoud Darwish’s cultural, literary and intellectual legacy, and promote his noble values; the love he had for his homeland, deep respect for human dignity, and his utter veneration of life. The foundation also aims at reinforcing Darwish's enlightened vision and authentic expression of the Palestinian cause, with all its humanitarian dimensions.

The foundation's activities will focus on collecting and safeguarding Mahmoud Darwish’s works and legacy, as well as organizing and fostering cultural, literary, artistic, humanitarian, charity and media activities. The foundation has established an annual award "The Mahmoud Darwish Award for Creativity" granted to intellectuals from Palestine and elsewhere.

In honor of the legendary poet, the foundation has constructed the Mahmoud Darwish Museum. The Museum is an exquisite edifice befitting the commemoration of the poet and his achievements. It stands as status and national devotion, relentlessly upholding his message of freedom and authenticity.


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